My Creation Process

There are lots of stages or processes to creating a repeat pattern collection.

Firstly I like to gather inspiration, this could include taking a trip, walk, visit. I will take my camera or phone to get some photos, sketch, collect interesting items, leaves, shells, feathers etc

Then I like to collate what I have collected and work out some ideas on paper, this is the fun part you can go in so many directions and be as detailed or loose as you like.  This is were I find myself going down rabbit holes and seeing where my imagination and creativity takes me.

Then I like to sketch, scan or draw my motifs on paper or sometimes straight onto adobe illustrator using a drawing tablet or the iPad and draw using procreate.

I like to have a theme that gives me enough scope for as many patterns as I need for a collection, I usually start with more than I need then as I work I narrow down the ones I want to go forward with.

Then once I have vectorised the newly created motifs in adobe illustrator I can start to play around with them, adding colour, texture, scale, background, the options are endless.